Friday, 14 May 2010

Eletronic Device Design

Here are my designs for how to make our electronic device look so far.
My first one was the drawing second from the bottom. I started with a more square shaped idea than the others. I wanted an area at the sides for the users to be able to grip onto it easily with.
My second design was the one on the bottom, I decided to make it rounder, made with a rubber outside on them and thinner in the middle so its even easier to hold when hands are very sweaty. I also want them to be shaped similar to a healthy persons body. My next design was the one at the top, I think I have gone too far inwards on this one. I then created the second from top drawing. This is my favourite design but some other people have liked the bottom right one most, I will carry on getting other peoples opinions.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Warch Materials

Watch Face

The UNI Watch has a customizable digital watch face... It has a rather modern design, made of a soft plastic material that's comfortable to wear and goes with practically any casual look! watch face article

Strap Material

I would like the equipment to be made with rubber outside and I thought it would be good to use the same materials as sports watches. On the website below I have seen that they are mostly made from resin.

Sports Watch Specifications

Similar Looking Systems

I would like the device to be similar sized and looking to a phone with a big screen so here are some examples of designs that I would like our device to look similar to.

Meeting 13/5/10

At today's meeting nearly everyone was there. We have now changed our product to a wireless electronic device, and with it we will work with a gym. We will still have the device as an alarm system that can tell you when to exercise, give diet advice, show videos and play music, but we also want the wireless device to be able to connect to the gym equipment and tell you how much you have burnt.
I will be designing how it looks for our project.

Logo Ideas and Designs

Here below are some sketch ideas of things that could be included in my groups logo for an Iphone or Ipod Touch health app. I was wondering if apples similar to the company's logo could be used in drawings but I do not think that they you could for Apple © copyright reasons.
At the bottom are ideas that I took further as I liked them and so did the rest of the group when they were shown.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Here is a speech that I wrote for our presentation and was used. I tried to make it very positive and really promote our idea well.

Monday, 10 May 2010


Today I turned up to the meeting at 10 o'clock and couldn't find anyone. There was only one other person there, Oyemi. We felt that we didn't went to go ahead on our own so I tried to arrange it for later today with the others but there wasn't much luck.

Fads and Trends

Here is a list of fads, trends and annoyances that I wrote and also a list of what I believe are the trends that are coming in the next decade.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Post Facebook Group

On my assignment groups Facebook page I wrote "when could we all next meet?" as I thought think it is important that we meet to discus the formative, but I had no reply.